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Note: This bounty will be officially closed in the near future. We have contacted all donors via email and hope to be able to move many contributions to other bounties.

The Sputnik author is not ruling out that he will release another browser (version) based on a newer Webkit engine at some point but there is no time table or fixed commitment. Even though the bounty project could not be officially completed to fulfill all specified terms, we would like to thank him for his previous accomplishments and would appreciate any future software releases.



Summary: Port of KHTML engine (GTK+WebCore) plus small browser to make it usable.

Licence: LGPL+ (+ means some BSD licensing as well)

NOTE: Not from KDE but from GTK+WebCore.

What should be done in bounty release:

  • text rendering
  • javascript support
  • unicode/utf support
  • jpg, gif, png images support
  • simple, tabbed browser build on top of it
  • it should be, more of less, capable of doing everything that Gtk+WebCore 0.5.1 can do
  • and much more

To sum up - whole rendering engine will be working (it's already working now, only some bugs needs to be traced) but not neccesary my port would be able to display everything that has been done by it :)

What will be done later:

  • text selection
  • svg images support
  • turning it into .mcc so everyone can use it in his own app (if someone would want to it earlier he'd have to link html with his code but as it's lgpl + bsd code he'd have to make his own app lgpl)
  • plugin api
  • and much more


AmigaHarry ($305.00), ASiegel ($150.00), Bolton Peck ($100.00), Genesi ($100.00), wegster ($100.00), weiseb ($100.00), RMS ($75.00), Senex ($60.00), Nicholas Tsigos ($52.00), Robin ($50.00), roschmyr ($50.00), Merko ($50.00), Walid ($50.00), bigdan ($30.28), Yomgui ($30.00), AKiLL ($30.00), Denis G ($30.00), SOL-Invictus ($30.00), Laurent Stephanoni ($30.00), BatteMan ($30.00), Ilkka Lehtoranta ($27.00), jchap ($25.00), Gerd K. ($25.00), TrevorDick ($25.00), schaechtelin ($20.00), Bifford ($20.00), MorphDelf ($20.00), Snuffy ($20.00), Andrei Shestakov ($20.00), Lando ($20.00), Joel Knight ($20.00), mobydick ($20.00), coliN ($20.00), Angelos ($20.00), Raistlin77it ($20.00), Thibaut Jeanson ($15.00), guruman ($15.00), guruman ($15.00), maffoo ($15.00), Sebastien Ligez ($12.42), zylesea ($12.30), pegasosuser ($10.00), Robinausdemwal ($10.00), number-one ($10.00), Warface ($10.00), TomaszP ($10.00), MartinP ($10.00), DrB ($10.00), Robert Korzeniewski ($10.00), p-OS ($10.00), Lord ($10.00), Gordo ($10.00), Piotr Waligorski ($7.00), sTix ($5.00), RELEC Software ($5.00), afxgroup ($5.00)

KHTML (Sputnik)



March 31, 2010

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